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Genesis Biomedical’s initial aim is to develop regenerative products focusing on minimal iniatiative non-operational solutions in various fields especially including dermatology and orthopedy. Within time, other technolohical applications and solutions have been contributed and added to this mission in terms of gynecology,medical esthetics,dentistry and veterinary issues.

Our firm/company has been executing all the designated missions related with effective and modern solution researcher actions by using the latest physiological principles and the power of the innovative technology.

With our devotion to ethical principles and the maximum care about the user satisfaction,we add value and innovation to our firm and our sector each and every day.



It is an allogeneic treatment method based on the reproduction of fibroblast cells obtained from newborn foreskin with bioengineering techniques in a high-tech laboratory environment and injected into the area needed by the person.

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Liposmart®️ is a breakthrough concept and system that harnesses the extraordinary regenerative potential of human fat. It was developed to collect, process, purify and re-inject autologous adipose tissue. Liposmart collects all the biophysical properties of the original adipose tissue in a single ready-made solution and enhances the capacity of cells to respond to regenerative stimuli. It brings us closer to harnessing the full potential of stem cells for transformative results.

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Maximum effect with micro product injection... PROAGE contains hyaluronic acid designed to increase the biosynthetic capacity of fibroblasts, reconstruction of the optimal physiological environment, enhancement of cellular activity, hydration and synthesis of collagen, elastin and HA.

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It is Hyaluronic Acid Filler in the temporary filler class. They are the most commonly used fillers because they are the safest. They create volume due to their very dense water retention capacity in the area where they are applied. They remove wrinkles and depressions in the area where they are injected and give volume and shape.

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Sanakin® is a protein solution containing anti-inflammatory proteins (cytokines) and growth factors derived from your own blood. Thanks to this technology, it stimulates blood cells to release cytokines. The released cytokines play an active role in Regenerative Cell Therapy. With the chance of side effect-free treatment, the possibility of overdose is eliminated. It is an approved treatment method that is completely safe and does not contain any synthetic substances.

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Collagen is one of the fibres that form the supporting structure of the skin. It ensures that the skin is tight. While the body has a very high collagen production capacity at a young age, this capacity begins to decrease at the age of 25 and after. It decreases even more after menopause in women. Collagen is also reduced by other factors such as smoking, sugar consumption and ultraviolet rays.

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FIBROFILL COMPLEX ® DERMA CREAM RICH and FIBROFILL COMPLEX ® DERMA SERUM contains 2 products. The auxiliary ingredients in it offer alternatives according to different skin type and age characteristics. Mature and severely dehydrated skin: FIBROFILL COMPLEX ® DERMA CREAM RICH, Young and oily/combination skin: FIBROFILL COMPLEX ® DERMA SERUM Fibrofill Complex is a special cosmetic raw material. This raw material contains all other protein-based structures, especially hyaluronic acid synthesised by fibroblasts. It contributes to a longer and lasting effect of hyaluronic acid on the skin.

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High Concentration PRP and Bone Marrow If you want to rejuvenate with platelets and growth factors from your own blood, avoid applications with allergy risk and seek a natural appearance, Magellan Vampire Facelift® is an ideal application for you. With Magellan Vampire Facelift®, both your skin and subcutaneous tissue are repaired in the same session, fibroblasts are stimulated and a brighter and more vibrant skin is obtained.

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Stop your hair loss in 'ONE SESSION' with Regenera Activa. Regenera Activa® system is a cell suspension prepared from healthy and strong hair follicles. This suspension is applied to problematic scalp areas. The aim here is to provide support to sick and lifeless hair follicles.

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Autologous Cytokine Rich Serum (ACRS) is derived from the animal's own blood using specially developed Ferakin Technology. This technology completely avoids the use of any artificial additives to ensure high tolerability. Any inflammation in or on the body can be treated autologously using this serum. Another benefit of this technology is that it activates the regenerative powers of the body.

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LABORATOIRES L’ESTHÉTIC developed a new range of monophasic anti wrinkles fillers and skin boosters. Thanks to the breakthrough SRHA (Smooth Rheology Hyaluronic Acid) technology, these products are used for treating deep or superficial wrinkles, volume and for lips augmentation. Made of very pure and smooth hyaluronic acid and 100% produced in France, DERMHAGE is composed of four different references which can remodel each part of your face.

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Biomathematical solution to skin ageing... PRODUKTIL contains 50mg of non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid with a very high molecular weight (2200 kDa). It has been developed to find a solution for each of the differentiations observed with skin aging.

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